For me, the answer is simple.

I have decided to run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives because I believe in democracy.  I believe that Congress can, and must, do better. Issues that are affecting my friends and neighbors in the North State are being played out on the national stage. I feel called to give back to the people of this region I love and to ensure they have a representative who listens to them and fights for them. My campaign is about real people who live here in the first district, and the real issues they face.

We live in troubled times. Yet, troubled times give rise to big ideas, big movements, and big change. I am running for Congress because I want to be a part of the movement that inspires my generation to engage with politics on a deep level, to offer our talents, and to take our seats at the table.

The common frustration of people in our district, our pain, and our longing unite us regardless of political party. It is my conviction that if we listen to each other and work together, it will also be our hope, our success, and our joy that unite us. I am confident that as we work together and respect one another in all of our diversity, our communities will become stronger, more resilient, more joyful places in which to live.