Northern California’s water is used to supply water needs all over the state. The recent years of drought have been a strain on California’s aging water system, and brought challenges and inequities to light. My goal is to secure Federal funding to invest in California’s water system, and encourage and support conservation measures:


  • Invest in maintenance and repair of dams, aqueducts, and water infrastructure

  • Plan for infrastructure improvements that use newer, more efficient technology to conserve water

  • Require increased water conservation in communities at the southern end of the water infrastructure system, to reduce strain on the system

  • Provide incentives to reduce household water usage, including  the installation of conservation technologies

  • Provide incentives to farmers to replace flood irrigation with water conserving technologies like drip irrigation

  • Invest in university research on reducing water use in high-use industries

  • Incentivize land management strategies that manage rainfall effectively