Rural northern California faces unique healthcare challenges due to the geography of the region and dispersed rural population. Nearly one in five residents in our district suffer from a physical disability, which is twice as high as the rest of the state. The importance of protecting and strengthening critical federal and state public health insurance programs is highlighted by the fact that half of our district’s population is covered by these programs. The healthcare sector is also an important employer in our district, responsible for thousands of good paying jobs in the region. Our district greatly benefited from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), decreasing the uninsured rate and expanding important health protections to area residents. Unfortunately, local families continue to face rising insurance costs, lack of access to adequate health services in rural areas, and Congressional attempts to dismantle the progress we have achieved with the ACA. As it stands, too many Americans remain uninsured, and those with coverage continue to face skyrocketing premiums and deductibles.


Healthcare is a human right - not a privilege. Every man, woman, and child deserves access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. No one should go bankrupt because of health issues, yet every year hundreds of thousands of Americans do just that. The ACA expanded coverage to 17 million Americans, outlawed abuses by insurance companies such as denials for pre-existing conditions, and allowed young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26. We need to build on the successes of the ACA and work to further reduce the cost of premiums, deductibles, and medications. We must make critical investments in the healthcare system in order for our families, communities and economy to thrive.    


As your Representative in Congress, I will fight to bring healthcare investment dollars to our district. These investments will support public health education and preventative care, and increase access to quality medical care, mental health services, and addiction recovery support. I will work with other members of Congress to advance a Medicare for All option in order to ensure universal, high-quality healthcare for all.

My priorities for healthcare include:

  • Guarantee universal, high-quality healthcare through Single-Payer/ Medicare for All

  • Build on and reinforce improvements to the Affordable Care Act to immediately assist those suffering the burden of excessive healthcare costs

  • Decrease prescription drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies

  • Protect a woman's right to full family planning and women's healthcare services

  • Increase funding for public health investments aimed at improving health and decreasing long-term healthcare costs

  • Increase funding for mental health and addiction recovery services.

  • Support critical access hospitals that provide lifesaving care and treatment for rural north state communities