Why run for Congress?
For me, the answer is simple.


I have decided to run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives because I believe in democracy. I believe that Congress can, and must, do better. Issues that are affecting my friends and neighbors in the North State are being played out on the national stage. I feel called to give back to the people of this region I love and to ensure that they have a representative who listens to them and fights for them. My campaign is about real people who live here in the First District, and the real issues they face.

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As an educator and a farmer,
I am dedicated to improvement.


I am committed to improving the lives of the people of the North State by supporting education, accessible affordable healthcare, infrastructure, veterans, and ensuring profitability of agriculture while protecting the environment.




Investing in education, especially career and technical education and workforce development programs.



Investing in North State infrastructure, internet, and highways that will allow us to bring new industries to our communities.



Increasing the accessibility and affordability of healthcare for all residents of the North State.



Investing in our veterans by supporting the VA health care system and career and technical education for returning veterans.



Working to ensure farm profitability of North State farms, while protecting the environment.



Investing in California’s aging water infrastructure and supporting conservation measures.


About Audrey

A Chico resident for nearly 15 years, Audrey has a rich background in agriculture, education, and nonprofit leadership. Her work ethic and professional training enable her to learn quickly, communicate effectively, and inspire others to action. Audrey’s passion for the North State and commitment to working with people of all backgrounds make her the best choice to represent California’s First Congressional District. Audrey is proud to be a California Democrat. 

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